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HERS Rating, Air Balancing, Energy Assessments

We specialize in Title 24 Compliance including HERS I Testing,
Energy Assessments and Air Balancing Projects

HERS Testing
This is a program designed by the California Energy Commission. It has been implemented to address Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing for Title 24, Part 6 of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards. The regulations established in this program apply to existing and newly constructed residential buildings including Single-Family Homes and Multifamily buildings of 3 stories or less. The HERS rating targets and HVAC systems and insulation installation among other systems that are related to energy efficiency.

HERS rater training, certification and quality assurance is being administered by California Energy Commission-approved HERS providers, with CalCERTS as one of the listed providers.

The 2013 California Energy Code, Part 6, Title 24, California Code of Regulations, is in effect as of July 1, 2014.

Energy Consulting
We provide Energy Consulting services in various areas of building, construction, compliance and verification in regards to energy efficiency, air balancing, energy audits, retrofitting, HVAC load calculations, solar site assessments, solar systems design, or water conservation.

Save Money and Help the Environment by Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
We MUST use less energy and escalate the adoption of non-fossil fuel renewable sources because when your tank is on empty and the gas stations have gone out of business, you better have an alternative! We know there are nay sayers, but it is wise to prepare well ahead of time rather than face a panic crisis. Sadly, for most, the energy crisis only becomes a reality when it affects them financially. Saving money can be a big motivator to make positive changes, and that is where we at Nucleus Consulting can help you. There are many good programs that will reward your efforts to be more efficient with generous cash incentives, and we will help you take full advantage of these.
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We pride ourselves on the highest integrity and customer service. Prices available upon request.

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