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Air Balancing

Nucleus is certified by National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) in Residential HVAC System Performance and Light Commercial System Performance to perform system diagnostics as well as air balancing. Many cities are now requiring an Air Balance Report before issuing final approvals for commercial work.

The work of air balancing requires the installer to provide a person and access to the system to adjust dampers as we read instruments. Also required is an engineering drawing showing the designed supply and return CFMs. We need to know the scope of work before quoting a price, but generally, the cost is $40 per supply register.

Nucleus also offers system diagnostics for measuring airflow and delivered BTUs. Kitchen hood exhausts and make-up air inlets can be measured and adjusted to meet required specifications.

It takes energy to warm, cool and move living space air, and if you do not measure, you are just guessing. Air balancing and system diagnosis can help ensure an efficient system.

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