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  1. Installing a Grey Water Systems is an alternative water conservation measure that can help us save water and money. A simple system using the water from the Laundry Machine called L2L is a feasible way that can be implemented in most houses.
  2. Record Drought Conditions!   Water Rationing!  Penalties for washing your car or watering your lawn on the wrong days!   These are all inconveniences that we can help to curb by implementing  water conservation measures at our own homes!!! 

Escalating Water Rates!  Farmers Crops Drying Up!

All of these news shattering reasons and more are reasons to get serious about water conservation. For many, the cost of their water bill is approaching the cost of their electric bill.

Climate change has taken water away from some regions and is giving too much in others. As a result, we are compelled to devise ways to use water wisely and use less. Saving water saves energy because, especially here in Southern California, most of our water is transported, pumped, treated, stored and distributed, which all requires energy.

Here are some major water users in a residential setting:
  • Landscaping
  • Laundry
  • Personal cleaning and cooking
  • The water closet, commode, crapper, the John, or toilet
  • Other appliances, like the dishwasher and ice maker
  • Don’t forget leaks
With conscious effort and the right appliances, you can save in all these categories. We will briefly list a few, and if you want a good source to further investigate, go to


  • Consider redesigning to hardscape, artificial turf, native draught tolerant plants, drip irrigation or low flow non-spray type sprinklers.
  • Use a weather smart sprinkler controller
  • Keep your lawn on the high side, not too low. It is healthier for the blades of grass and requires less water.


  • Replace older washing machines with horizontal axis high efficiency Energy Star and Water Sense labeled machines. They use about half as much water and leave the clean clothes with less water in them, shortening drying times and saving energy there too.
  • Or, how about getting outside for some exercise and using a good old fashioned clothes line?

Personal Cleaning

  • If you are in a large house, consider a recalculating pump so that you do not waste water waiting for it to get hot.
  • Install flow restrictors on your faucets.
  • Do not leave the faucet running while you are doing whatever. Use the on/off knob.

That Essential Bowl

  • Replace old toilets with low flow flush ones. Even better, get one that has a no. 1 and no. 2 flush option.

Other Appliances

  • Always buy WaterSense labeled appliances and fixtures.

Don’t forget the leaks!

It is estimated that 13.7% of our indoor water usage is wasted through leaks.
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