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Energy Audits

What is an energy audit?

An Energy Audit is basically an assessment of any given building performance in relation to its energy use. Energy is necessary in a building for lighting, space conditioning, heating water, and water conservation. Included in an energy audit is an analysis of the Combustion Area Zones (CAZ), the relationship to adjacent areas for air pressure differential and where all combustion appliances are tested for carbon emissions.

Energy audits and subsequent retrofitting can help increase your energy efficiency. This will result in adding value to your property, reducing energy costs, reducing carbon emissions, improving overall building performance, providing comfort for occupants and strengthening your image as a leader.

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Price List $
CAZ Test Only  $120.00
Blower Door Test Only  $120.00
Duct Blaster Test Only   $120.00
 Full Test In  $300.00
 Full Test out  $300.00
 Full Energy Assessment  $500.00
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