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HERS Ratings

HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System. A HERS rater is one who is trained and certified by a California Energy Commission provider organization to perform third party independent diagnostic tests or ratings to confirm that a building’s energy systems are performing to the current energy code. In our case, that organization is CalCERTS, Inc.

Both new construction and alteration projects require some degree of HERS ratings. In new construction, this is most often determined by using a performance based approach to energy compliance. A Title 24 Performance Report is prepared using approved software, and a CF-1R is produced and included in the plan set. The CF-1R form is what the builder plans on constructing. It will list all the required CF-2R and CF-4R ratings and certificates that will be required. The CF-2R is what the installer has tested and verified; the CF-3R is what the HERS rater has tested and verified.

In most alteration projects, the required HERS ratings are determined by a prescriptive approach to energy compliance. This is determined by the scope of the work and the climate zone. See our 2013 standards requirements table and cost list for most HVAC alterations. A completely new HVAC system, where there was none before in an existing home is an alteration project.

If you are new to HERS ratings, please spend some time familiarizing yourself with the requirements and how to process the forms online. We have included a brochure that may help. If you would like to schedule a brief 30-minute training session for your company, we would be happy to assist you.

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