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Your Green Building Advisor and Energy Efficiency Consultant

  • Yes, I want to cut my utility bill.
  • Yes, I want to save energy.
  • Yes, I want to do my part to preserve the environment.
  • Yes, I want to take advantage of green building principles.
  • Yes, I want help build a better energy future for generations that follow.
The question is, how do I know what to do? Let Nucleus be your green building advisor and energy efficiency consultant to help you achieve your goals. Here are the services we provide:
  • Energy assessments from a simple clipboard walk-through analysis to a comprehensive ASHRAE level 3 assessment, including a detailed report.
  • Test in and test out whole-house ratings for residential and multifamily incentive programs and Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs).
  • Code required HERS ratings for new construction and alterations projects.
  • Title 24 report preparation.
  • HVAC system diagnostics.
  • Air balancing, including report.
  • Code compliance education and training.
  • Home plus E Inspections. This is a brand new service we are offering to real estate professionals! It is more than just a home inspection because it also gives a snapshot of the home's existing energy performance, clueing one in on where to improve.
  • Just to be your expert and guide you in the field of green building and energy efficiency,
We have participated in thousands of projects in all of Southern California as you can see from the map!

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